Bawdy Berries

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Dec 202012

(14/365) :: Blueberry gelatin-like thing

Smooth, warm skin rolls along my tongue. My head is filled with fragrant sweetness. Heat, contrast, aroma. I want to taste it — but not too soon. I want to savor it; to let it play out long and lush. I let it run along my tongue until it settles gently between my teeth. I imagine the juice contained inside, swollen from the heat, eager to escape its restrictive skin. Again, not too soon. Wait for it; it’s best when you can no longer contain yourself, when your desire overcomes your patience. The rough porcelain ridges of my teeth play gently with the delicate flesh until it happens, until my endurance yields to my need. I bite down and the essence escapes. Despite the wintery weather, I’m transported to summer, to earthy scented fields of verdant green and deep blue, to fingers stained purple, to baskets overflowing with nature’s bounty.

Yes, my friends, food is sexy, sensual and erotic. This is where my mind went when I was eating my Blueberry Almond Oatmeal. I had mixed frozen berries into my oats and lazily microwaved the whole thing. Those berries, warmed to bursting, brought the sexy to my breakfast. I don’t think there’s a better way to start the day. In fact, I’m going to start today off just that way.

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