Jan 102013

After seeing this, it’s probably a good thing that Cody is a hair dog and not a fur dog. Because you just know I’d be collecting his fur to fashion into a fluffy white miniskirt – totally inappropriate for a woman of my advanced years. Actually, what I think of when I see these photos, which I have to admit is a really cool idea for a series, is putting all my hair, which is constantly found resolutely wrapped around the vacuum cleaner roller, all over the bathroom floor and in my brushes, to good use by weaving a sweater for Cody. Dogs wearing human hair clothes! Why not?

black furivory furwhite fur

To see the rest of the series, go to erwanfichou and click on Dogwool.

So, do you find this cool or creepy? Or are you too busy collecting your dog’s fur to answer?


Dec 192012


Meet my dog, Cody. Cody is two and a half years old and he is the best dog ever. Ask anyone. Really. He was standing idly on my shoulder when I took that photo this morning.

What is a Meekapoo, you ask? Cody is half Maltese and half Peekaoo (or one quarter Pekinese and one quarter Poodle).  Training Cody trained me. It taught me patience. Bear in mind, patience is a trait that is not innate to my breed.

I’ll be sharing some more cute pictures of Cody and doing small training clips. Those of you who may blame your dog for not behaving, remember this one thing, it’s rarely, oh so rarely, the dog, it’s the owners. Dogs pick up and respond to your energy.

Short, true story — Twanna and I were watching American Horror Story (it’s on tonight, hands in the air). I’m in love with that show and with Jessica Lange, what a brilliant actress, and turned Twanna on to it. She’s a bit more freaked by the insanity of the show than I am and she watches it with a more tension than I do, such an innocent. Me, I just view the bloody parts through my fingers and I’m good. Anyway, Cody was on the sofa with us and when she let out a scream, he picked himself up, walked over to her and curled up in her lap. The atmosphere we created was one of nervous energy, and Cody was a little more on edge than normal but when he sensed she needed soothing, he took charge. Dogs love to have a job to do. Like humans, ahem, certainly this human, doing fuck all all-day, doesn’t produce happy people or happy dogs. And happy humans and happy pets make the world a much more pleasurable place.



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