I’m Tess Danesi and I welcome you to  Urban Gypsy. Here, you’ll find my musings about the four things I’m most passionate about: life, sex, food and dogs.  Life is about finding your happiness and achieving balance. In what is a very transitional time for me – we’re contemplating moving to another state, my daughter is in her last year of high school and ready, oh so ready for college, and the road ahead is wide open – I’m often struggling a bit in the harmony department. Since life is all encompassing, it is also about other minutiae that doesn’t fit neatly into the other more clear categories.

It’s natural that one of my four passions is sex since I’m a sex educator. Between classes, workshops and events, I’ve brought sex-positive education to over 2,000 people. My writings here will range from current issues in sexuality to pet peeves to how to have banging orgasms to bringing you the best — and the most insane — sex toys.

Food. Ah, food, what a love/hate relationship I have with food. I love nothing more than fresh and healthy food – except for my cursed love of all things sweet. In an effort to lose weight, get healthier, lower my blood pressure and cholesterol, the recipes you see here will work with the best ingredients to help you (and me) eat “clean.” Fridays are Treat Yo’Self day here at Urban Gypsy Enterprises. So, you may find recipes of the alcoholic variety or for something gooey and delicious, of which you should have just one. After all, I’m about balance not deprivation.

Last, but not least, dogs. My dog, Cody, brings me tremendous amounts of joy. Dogs are always thrilled to see us, greeting their owners and human and canine friends with great enthusiasm and unconditional love whether you’ve been gone five minutes, five hours or five days. So, along with photos of the ever so cute Cody, I’ll bring you training tips, information about breeds, and photos of the cutest dogs.

Life. Sex. Foods. Dogs. What else do you need?